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Kabaong in english can either be a Coffin or a Casket. The price for sale varies depending on the preferred make and design of the dead’s loved ones. Some would say that the character of the dead would be reflected by the coffin or casket used.

Ataul is also a tagalog word which can refer to the same. Here in the Philippines, Pampanga is considered as the coffin capital or the kabaong capital of the country. Tens of thousands of caskets are made from this province every month.

Available products right now in the market include imported coffins which are made in US and China. Locally made units have adopted these imported designs and looks very similar to them.

Before buying a coffin (kabaong), please consider the prices and services associated with traditional burial rites. The most expensive of these is the needed memorial lot. This is the reason why a lot of Filipinos are choosing viewing then cremation services to save on funeral costs. With this option, you only need to rent a coffin (kabaong) and purchase an urn (banga) which is much cheaper. After the cremation rites, the ashes of the dead will be placed on the urn.

Types of Coffins & Caskets

Wooden Casket

Metal Casket

Stainless Casket

Bronze Casket


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A cremation jar, urn or “banga” in tagalog is for the ashes of a person after cremation. This has become a popular product as more and more choose to be cremated.

Mass Cards are sent to the friends and relatives of the departed as a message of condolences for their loss. There will be a mass request for the dead to be remembered.

Heritage Memorial Park, offers different types of final resting places to honor and remember those that passed.

Funeral Checklist Guide

We understand the passing of a loved one is never easy, and we want you to know that you’re not in this alone. We’ve prepared an End of Life Planning Guide to help you get your deceased loved one’s affairs in order in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

 You can use this guide to walk you through the primary tasks that need to be fulfilled before and after the passing of your loved one.

 Please take note that this is not an exhaustive list, and that there may be variations in certain circumstances. Feel free to share this with your family members and loved ones supporting you throughout the process.