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The Death Care Industry in the Philippines has barely changed for the past decades. It remained to be traditional in ways it conducts its business. Funeral Wake Manila aims to innovate the industry to better suit the needs of the loved ones who were left behind.


To help the loved ones of those who died focus on what truly matters so that they can grieve and mourn properly.

To provide quality funeral goods and services from urns (banga), coffins/caskets (kabaong), funeral flowers to cemetery plots.

"We are here for you. Let us help you!"

It was a series of personal experiences both from my own and my friends which led me to the death care industry. No one should be taken advantage of, especially during this time of grief and mourning. I and my team will definitely be there for you so that the funeral wake of your loved one will be seamless until the burial.

Mass Cards are sent to the friends and relatives of the departed as a message of condolences for their loss. At the same time, a request for the dead to be remembered in a mass celebration is placed on their behalf.

A coffin / casket or “kabaong / ataul” in tagalog vary in design. This is the final burial vessel where the dead will rest in peace. Some say the character is often reflected by its appearance.


A urn or “banga” in tagalog is for the ashes of a person after cremation. This has become a popular product as more and more choose to be cremated.

Cemetery PlOT

A cemetery or “libingan” in tagalog is the burial ground which is the final resting place of the dead. However similar to urns, this has become less popular as Filipinos prefer to be cremated and instead be placed in a columbarium or mausoleum.


Under construction..

We are still in the process of putting everything together. Please bear with us as we transition towards serving you better!

Funeral Wake Manila’s thrust is to make everything easier and more transparent for the loved ones left by the dead. Expect later on that you will be able to order everything and have it delivered to the Funeral Home of your choice here in the Philippines. Now you will be able to conveniently choose one for the dead without the surprise of how much it will cost you.

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